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I need to clear an over grown block, what should I hire? 2017-04-27T12:22:19+00:00

It depends on the size of the block and type of vegetation that covers the area.

If its just covered with long grass, you may just require a bobcat with slasher attachment.

This can be hired by the hour with an experienced operator (Wet Hire) to get the job done with minimum fuss.


If your keen to get in and do it yourself you can utilise our Dry Hire packages.

Click picture to see an example!

*Note: In total of loading and unloading machine and slashing, this block takes a hour.

Do I need an Operators ticket? 2017-04-22T14:07:09+00:00

If you are operating on private property, you do not require a ticket.

If you enter public areas, then you will need a ticket to operate the machine. Alternatively have a look at our “Wet Hire” packages.